Formed in 2017, the Wrecklunds are a traditionally modern Bluegrass band, with tight, powerful vocal harmonies, masterful instrumentation and songcraft, and a passion for live performance.


Bryan Eklund

Guitar, Vocals

Raised in Georgetown, Kentucky, Bryan began developing his musical prowess from an early age.  His love for songwriting, savvy guitar playing, and vocal abiltity help  create a distinctly unique sound that is a vital force for the Wrecklunds.  He plays Martin and Collings guitars.


Eric Drobny

Bass, Vocals

Great tone and time make Eric a highly sought after upright bass player on the front range. He primarily enjoys bluegrass, traditional country, and original folk genres. In addition to solid bass work, he sings sweet and highly complementary harmonies. He regularly does studio work with a number of folks and plays in a variety of combos. Eric currently plays a high mileage 1964 Kay bass. 

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Mike Martin

Fiddle, Keys

A Colorado native, Mike began playing both piano and violin as a child growing up in Denver.  His on-stage enthusiasm and ability to rile up a crowd are infectious.  The "Pied Piper" of the Wrecklunds, you can often find Mike sawing laps around the crowd with his wireless fiddle, causing all sorts of ruckus! Mike plays a Mark I Fender Rhodes and uses McClostone Amps. 


Brandt Miller


Also a product of Kentucky, Brandt began performing for audiences at the age of 10 and studied music performance at Northern Kentucky University.  He has worked in numerous acts over the years including the Restless Leg String Band and Steepland String Band . His passion, skill, and driving banjo make him a sought after player and a vital piece of the Wrecklunds sound. He plays a 2004 Gibson Blackjack.

Mark Swaim


Mark is a mandolin player from Kansas.  Since joining the Wrecklunds in 2019, Mark has brought his flavorful chops, hot licks, and masterful songwriting ability to the table and has become a key part of the Wrecklunds sound. He plays a custom mandolin.