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You’d swear they were in your living room. The Wrecklunds’ debut recording, “Moon Over Broadway,” has that vibe.


It’s like your friends went off to the top of the mountain, came back loaded down with instruments and a tote sack full of great new songs, and threw a party at your house – a living room jam with the midnight energy of a killer campground pick and the precision of a polished performance. 


All 11 songs are original compositions and each member of the band contributes to the creative collection.

​“We all write from slightly different musical backgrounds,” says banjo player, Brandt Miller, “we have different perspectives, and that makes it all interesting.” Interesting, eclectic, damn good, and difficult to define. But any music that fits too neatly into any one category is not unique. And this band is definitely unique - and yet, familiar. 

“It’s primarily bluegrass influenced originals,” according to upright bass player and harmony vocalist, Eric Drobny, “with elements of country and honky-tonk.”


Lead singer and guitar player, Bryan Eklund, describes it as “blue-country-jam-grass.” It is, in other words, traditional and original at the same time.


Fiddle player and keyboardist Mike Martin, says it this way – “It’s groundbreakingly derivative.”


Mark Swaim rounds out the band on mandolin and vocals and they are joined on the recording by Bret Billings on pedal steel and Michael Wooten on drums.


Recorded, mixed and produced by Vince and Silas Herman at the Caribou Room in Nederland, CO, the finished product is clean & fresh, yet firmly rooted in the earthy trenches of tradition. 

Live, The Wrecklunds are simultaneously rehearsed and spontaneous. “It’s just good old-fashioned floor stomping fun,” says Miller.  Years of late-night, all-night bluegrass jams give the band an instinctive feel for going with the flow. 

“It’s a menagerie of five friends,” says Ecklund, “listening to each other’s musical movements and weaving it all into a sonic tapestry of joy, remorse, vitality, trust, excitement, pain and understanding.”

The band flourishes in front of a crowd, whether through the push of a dancing, whip-it-up frenzy, or the pull of a listening audience. One minute they drive you to the dance floor and the next, they force you to stop the stompin’ and listen to the well-honed harmonies and tasty instrumental interludes. They take their craft seriously, without taking themselves too seriously. 

“We like to challenge each other on stage,” says Drobny, “get in each other’s face.” 

“But,“ adds Martin, “We keep our egos in check, serve the song. Everybody is just a regular dude that’s fun to hang out with.” 


Fun to hang out with and even more fun to listen to, whether on the recording or live and in person. Pick up a copy of “Moon Over Broadway”, available on vinyl, CD or digital download. And, if you get a chance, catch the live show. Either way, you’d swear they were in your living room, throwing a “blue-country-jam-grass” party just for you.